Board of Director


SM Mustsfa Kamal Litu, MBA

Board of Director

DeshConsultants(Pvt) Limited provided consulting service in the field engineering and, with strong commitment of our people to service, quality and teamwork, we have been able to successfully accomplish a wide variety of project both in Bangladesh and abroad.
Thanks to the trust and support from our valued client, we have navigated trough a challenging time and been growing steadily from the very beginning. Today, under the name DeshConsultants (Pvt) Limited, we have expanded into the field of management. We are the largest conglomerate of Bangladeshi Companies at the frontine of consulting and related businesses.Looking ahead, I am excited about our future growth and opportunities. As the dream of the founders of the company becomes the dream of many. We-all executives and staff- walk shoulder to shoulder to accomplish our dreams and to steer Deshcon into a greater future.
A part from its focus on business, Deshcon is also committed to working for the society. it has conducted various types of social works but with a strong emphasis on engineering infrastructure development including all types of road, bridges, water management, water supply and sanitation others sectors in Bangladesh.
I do hope that Deshcon will continue to move ahead and prosper on a sustainable basis. Its presence is not just for the sake of business but also for the society.

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House No. 4, (Level-1) Road-10/A. Sector No. 9, Uttara, Dhaka-1230

Phone: +880 2 8991251, +8801777891853


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House:304/66/3F1, Bui Dinh Tui-P.12-Q-BT, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Phone: +841886113792

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