West Water Sanitation Engineering

West Water Sanitation <span>Engineering</span>
Water as a vital resource, highest priority is given to reducing the pollutant content of wastewaters, elimination of pollutants, wastewater treatment and effective exploitation of this essential commodity mean that an increasing number of people worldwide can be supplied with fresh drinking water.
Wastewaters Recycling 
Water utilization concepts worldwide, Wastewaters recycling is going in importance. In many regions intensive use is made of treated Wastewater for agricultural irrigation and for industrial processes. Our consultants support governments and administrations as well as private sector clients in the conceptual design phases and provide comprehensive consultancy on technology, requirements and possibilities for application of wastewater recycling.  As well as technical as pests, frequently social, cultural and religious concerns play a part.
Sewer networks
With the aid of the latest software for dimensioning under hydraulic and treatment aspects our engineers plan complex sewer networks serving catchment areas of all size, these include premises connections, sewer main, pumping stations and finally, wastewater cleaning and sewage treatment plants.
Wastewater Treatment
Industrial wastewater treatment is a specialty within wastewater handling in general. Depending on wastewater makeup, complex biochemical and mechanical process stages are needed for removing industrial wastes and toxins before the water is in a fit condition for returning to the general hydrological cycle.

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